Project Recovery Services

There is no reason you have to go down with your ship. The qualified consulting, development, and maintenance teams at Intellectsoft can take your failing project back to the top of the game. We will understand the problems you are facing and provide you with precisely the kind of support you will need to turn everything around and start making confident steps towards flawless project execution.

Intellectsoft provides critical recovery services to get failing projects back on track and the process is usually the same:

Understand - we will interview the client’s leadership and project team and review key project documents to understand the project objectives, business goals, as well as the key project constraints (scope, budget, and resources)

Review and Analyze - we will take a close look at the project, review project plans, status reports and other documents, and talk to the team. Our technology experts will perform architecture and code reviews, and our methodology specialists will examine your SDLC approach. Typically, the following areas of the project should be looked at:

  • Management Governance, risk mgmt, planning, status monitoring, communications
  • Process SDLC Methodology, DevOps etc.
  • Technology Solution architecture, tech. stack, integration with other systems
  • Improving project communications and stakeholder management
  • Quality QA/QC, Performance, Scalability, Security

Plan - Once the project review is complete, our team will put together a comprehensive project remediation plan. This plan would include a set of specific recommendations for bringing the project back on track in the areas of governance, communication, process, technology and architecture, and quality. In some cases, the appropriate course of action would be to redefine or close the project.

Remediate - this phase will be focused on implementing remediation plan. Our team will closely manage remediation process and provide clear updates to the client’s IT and business leadership throughout.

Transition - When the remediation effort is complete, we will ensure that the project is transitioned to our customer’s project leadership team. If the project is completed or retired, we will also ensure that the project is formally closed.

Staff Augmentation - At any stage of the project, Intellectsoft Staff Augmentation services would be help your project, from providing technical and PM experts to address project issues, to providing fully staffed dedicated development teams

Mentor - Provide mentoring to client’s team throughout the recovery process. Even the most technologically competent organizations occasionally run into issues with project execution. Intellectsoft is here to help you get things back on track.

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