Consero LLC

Consero hosts networking events designed for senior executives and thought leaders with an emphasis on knowledge-sharing and collaborative learning.

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Consero needed an app that was multi-faceted and user friendly. The company wanted to provide users with a tool that could both enhance attendees’ experiences and simplify organizers’ duties. Desired features included peer-to-peer collaboration, personalized schedules, and customizable profile pages.

The Intellectsoft team first considered how to best meet all of Consero’s goals with a single app. The team settled on an application for iOS and Android platforms that is both visually appealing and easy to navigate. The app features - all easily accessed through the dashboard - user preferences and conference registration, the ability to read attendee profiles and facilitate matchmaking, a direct line of communication with Consero staff, and real-time updates and reminders. The end result is an enhanced conference experience through greater collaboration, networking, and exchange of ideas.

The app drives Consero’s mission even further, allowing organizers and attendees to communicate, learn, and collaborate on-the-go. Attendees experience conference to the fullest through valuable connections, meaningful idea exchanges, and industry essential knowledge.

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