Custom Software Development

Our expert software developers provide a top-notch custom software development service to the world’s leading enterprises and companies across industries. We offer a matrix structure that ensures redundancy, continuity, and maintenance of the required quality standards in the delivery processes.

About Custom Software Development Services at Intellectsoft

As a custom software development company, we offer a wide range of technological software development services across a range of business domains to meet your specific business needs.

Our dedicated architect team can provide due diligence, auditing, and solution design. The delivery organization will enable to maintain, retain and transfer the knowledge base for each project. Intellectsoft’s robust recruitment organization will allow us to attract and retain the top talent from the market and ensure high quality of project execution.

Industries We Support


Streamline and optimize your operations with custom healthcare software development. Enhance your digital capabilities to measure and continuously improve the standards of service quality, financial performance, and overall customer experience.


Legacy systems auditing and refactoring, migration, and refresh. Gain strategic insights and competitive advantage through custom insurance software development . Improve performance, resilience, and security of your core systems to support business growth.


Disruptive technological solutions to embrace actively changing guests’ demands. Reimagine customer experiences, ramp up operational agility, and boost financial resilience with the help of Intellectsoft custom hospitality software development and full-scale innovations.

Construction & Civil Engineering

Accelerated digitalization with custom Construction & civil engineering software development to address industry-wide challenges, boost efficiency, enhance the productivity and safety of employees and drive sustainability.

Legal Tech

Utilize legal technologies to add value to your legal organization and gain a competitive advantage. Custom legal tech software development will enable you to mitigate risks, increase efficiency, lower costs, reduce human error, and meet all deadlines and regulatory obligations with automated workflows.


Full-scale custom Software application development for the sports industry from league and team management to streaming, and e-sports solutions. Intellectsoft can help you revolutionize the user experience by integrating cutting-edge features and reliable technologies.

Tell Us About Your Project


Our Technical Expertise

Intellectsoft offers a wide range of custom software development services to accelerate the digital transformation of your business.

  • Full-Stack Application Development

    Our strong technological know-how and extensive experience in full-stack development allow us to deliver exceptional mobile, web, and desktop applications. We are skilled in Front End Development, Middleware Integration, Back End Development, and DevOps as well as the wide range of full-stack mobile languages including React Native, NoSQL, and Git.
  • Legacy Software Re-Engineering

    A low-risk approach to software modernization. Reinvent your outdated and ineffective software with the latest up-to-date features for streamlined processes and enhanced functionality. Our accomplished developers will create a scalable modern solution using advanced technology stacks like cloud, μServices, or refactoring.
  • Machine Learning and AI Model Production

    Leverage the power of AI solutions to automate any business operations, make well-informed decisions based on Big Data and predictive models, and maximize the performance results. Create end-to-end ML and AI-based software to drastically improve your work processes with Intellectsoft.
  • Process Consulting

    Our team of accomplished professionals will thoroughly analyze the client’s solution and provide a detailed overview of the code quality, how the testing as well as CI
  • UX/UI Design and Ideation

    Intellectsoft is proficient in root cause analysis, interface architecture, animation design experience, in-depth post-analysis, and so much more. Designers will ensure the final product works smoothly across various platforms and has a sleek modern design.

Custom Software Development Process

  • 1. Business Requirements Analysis
  • 2. Product Discovery Consulting
  • 3. End Product Development Stage
  • 4. Product Security
  • 5. Maintenance & Ongoing Support
By conducting a thorough analysis of the technology trends, identifying business needs and objectives, we develop a software solution that addresses the client's pain points. Our team will provide you with a set of specifications and architecture that will be the foundation of the most effective software solution your business needs.
Depending on your particular product idea, this phase might include competitor analysis, product positioning, niche selection, defining the core software features, gathering specifications and requirements, conducting customer feedback interviews, creating prototypes to understand users’ needs and behavior, creating a user journey map, etc.
This stage is the most important as our specialists take on the design, development, and coding processes. We will make sure that the code meets your business blueprint so the end product is easy to integrate and it is interoperationable. Our main goal is to develop a scalable solution for your organization.
We have a security-first approach in mind as Intellectsoft minimizes security vulnerabilities and ensures that our clients are provided with maximum protection against malicious attacks. We secure software throughout the entire product lifecycle and make sure that its integrity is fully maintained.
To ensure continuous product improvements and deployment of new features in the future, our team offers software maintenance and support services. Intellectsoft sticks to a long-term account development approach for effective knowledge transfer and code maintenance. We strive to provide comprehensive technical support in case any product adjustments are needed and share our best knowledge and experience.

Client Success Stories

Get familiar with our most prominent client cases and discover what technological solutions we developed.

Video Content Search Engine


As the video market is overflowing with content as well as with streaming content providers, it’s pretty confusing and tedious to browse diverse sources and look for the specific requested content. The client chose Intellectsoft to build a web and mobile application that will simplify the searching process for users. We were selected to develop a solution that aggregates video content from various providers into one place so users can easily find what they are looking for.


Intellectsoft built a POC application with a flexible and fast search engine. The app has a convenient desktop version that includes a menu bar, a section-based personalized home page, all-in-one search components, playlists, and a selection section. BackEnd architecture was based on Java Technical Stack and JVM-based runtime. Frontend architecture was based on React; React Native has been used for developing a mobile cross-platform application.

Inspection Management System


The inspection process is very time-consuming and requires lots of paperwork. To reduce the manual redundant tasks and increase employees’ productivity, the client contacted Intellectsoft with a request for building a form-filling solution. It had to facilitate the inspection management process, minimize human error, boost efficiency, accuracy, and allow simple and effortless processing and exporting of inspection documents.


Our team built a feature-rich Advanced Inspection Management System that digitalizes the process of recording, storing, and sharing equipment inspection documents while eliminating manual data transfer and minimizing human error. This custom solution enables seamless report management, importing and exporting reports, equipment maintenance management, photo capture, and gives access to statistics and inspection reports.

Modernized ERP Solution


AF Gruppen’s legacy systems provided segmented data and functionality. The company required a single software platform that would streamline project management processes across departments, elevate partner management, and facilitate truck and asset management


After a series of software workshops, Intellectsoft developed 3 streamlined and interconnected solutions on a single platform: a labor-management portal with scheduling and real-time reporting; a project management system with an app for on-site inspectors; and a mobile solution for truck drivers that speeds up asset delivery and management

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Define Custom Software Development Pricing for a Project?

There are so many factors that define the price for custom software development services. Among the most significant ones, it’s possible to name the type and general complexity of a software project, its size, main features, technologies used as well as development team size.

Don’t hesitate to contact us and our representatives will guide you through our processes and practices as well as will provide you with cost estimates based on your project details.

Intellectsoft has experience with custom software projects of different complexity levels and with teams of all sizes.

What Custom Software Development Solutions Can Be Created?

Intellectsoft's team has vast technological competencies and our professionals already developed various custom software solutions for businesses across industries. We offer the most tailored technology solutions that will improve operational efficiency, increase productivity, improve customer service, and drive bigger revenue.

It’s possible to create web, desktop, mobile applications based on your business needs. Get familiar with our client cases and see what solutions we have created for companies and how they changed their businesses. Feel free to share your project ideas and we will help you come up with the software solution idea to deliver it in the future.

What Is the Process of Custom Software Development Consulting?

Our team has a solid track record of providing custom software development consulting services. Your business can take full advantage of our tech background and expertise. Intellectsoft’s specialists will create a comprehensive IT strategy for a full-scale digital and technological transformation of your company. We will also make sure it fully aligns with your business objectives.

For 14 years we assisted organizations with improving and optimizing their IT strategies. Intellectsoft’s strategic consulting will help you digitize and automate core operational processes while optimizing your workflow.

The process of IT consulting is pretty straightforward. Firstly, our advisors will study the existing software solutions while identifying the main problems in automation. Secondly, our team will come up with a roadmap and strategy to leverage the latest technologies and improve software infrastructure. Once everything is done, we will recommend steps for possible amendments of existing software as well as ways to implement them.

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