Mobile Software AS

An emerging Norwegian startup behind mobile community apps Mama and Buddy.

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  • Solution
  • Impact

Mobile Software AS approached our team about building a location-based social network and community mobile application which would come to be called Buddy. They had felt there were enough dating apps on the market and wanted to explore other types of social apps. With the Buddy app you would always be able to see where your friends are, making it easier to catch up with each other and meet new friends all around the world. This friend community would be centered around geolocating and free onscreen video messaging, putting an an end to the questions “where are you?” and “what are you up to?” once and for all.

The Buddy app allows you to geolocate friends on a map, add new friends to your friends community and communicate with them directly via HD video.

In addition to the full-stack development of this advanced social network for iOS and Android, Intellectsoft assisted in the strategic development and marketing of the application. This included the creation of marketing content such as a video commercial and the translation and adaption of that commercial into nine different languages. Early versions of the Buddy app and early marketing content have been very well received by the client.

The Buddy app had originally sprouted out of another project which had gotten bogged down with delays at another development firm. After taking Buddy to Intellectsoft, founder Rich Larsen had this to say: “We have never experienced a single day of delay since then. Not once. I was lucky to have stumbled onto Intellectsoft.” The success of this partnership led to Intellectsoft taking over the initial project as well as developing a third solution for Mobile Software AS, a mobile security app called Mama which builds on top of the Buddy platform.

The Buddy app is in the final stages of development and is set to launch in summer 2016.

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